My First Unboxing

One of the most satisfying experiences for a reader is to order books online, waiting for them to arrive at their doorstep, opening them and enjoying the wonders that are written inside their pages.

However, this isn’t the case for me. As a matter of fact, I’d never once ordered books that arrived at my doorstep. The only experience I’d had was to go to a library and purchasing them, and I sometimes borrowed them from my friends.

Some time ago, the members of Nocturnal Book Club blog (me included) were contacted by Annie Woods, a new author who recently published “First Comes Forever” (a book we will be reviewing soon both here and on our blog).

Her book was the first one that arrived through mail. It was such an exciting experience to arrive home and see a package that had my name on it. And even better, that the content was a book!

I’m honestly very excited for reading this book, and also because now I have the assurance that if I order something it will arrive safely.

first came forever_.jpg


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