10 tips to reading a boring book

Picture that book you had to read for school. The one you promised yourself you would finish but ended up reading the night before the due date.

It happens to everyone, even to the most avid reader.

Reading a boring book is one of the main reasons people get into a reading slump. I’d normally tell you to leave it aside, however, sometimes you must finish it, so today, I bring you 10 tips that I and some friends from the Nocturnal Book Club have for you:

1. Different format (eBook, Wattpad, or audiobooks.)

My Spanish teacher told me last semester: people read more quickly in digital format. In my experience, it’s true. I had to read Pride and Prejudice for school, and I really didn’t enjoy it. What helped was that I found out there are many classics in Wattpad you can read for free, and besides, you have people’s funny comments to make the reading less tedious.

Another format that really helps you are audiobooks. They create a certain atmosphere that can help you get more engaged with the reading.

2. My best friend: Shmoop

I’m not telling you not to read it: instead, read a chapter and then the review on Shmoop. They have full analyses about the plot, characters, themes, quotes, and many more things. It can really help you when it comes to presenting exams about the book you’re reading.

3. Book club

It can be very helpful to have a group of friends or even strangers whom you can rant about and maybe they could give you a different perspective about it. So, why not join one?

4. Don’t pick up another book

Timbre Wolf, from the NBC, told me her technique to getting over with them is to read faster and not to pick up another book until you finish the boring one. It can work for you because you have the pressure to finish it and then have the opportunity to read one that is actually enjoyable.

5. Find other books

If the last tip didn’t work for you, then look for books you can have breaks with. Of course, this only works if you don’t let the other ones distract you from finishing the important one. Always remember one of them is a priority and you should always put it over the other ones.

6. Treat yourself

As Kritika Narula said, promise yourself treats after every 50 pages or so. Anything works: chocolate, ice cream, your favourite treat, going for a walk, a cup of coffee, texting a friend, or a book you’ve been meaning to read. Achieving these goals can make it an exciting thing to do.

7. Music

This helps me a lot! Listening to music you love can make the reading much more fun. If you can’t concentrate very well, you can look for instrumental music and soundtracks, which are what I normally listen to.

8. Find someone who enjoyed it

While reading Pride and Prejudice, I met a friend who had loved it when he read it. He provided me with a point of view I’d never thought about and made me realise how much I was missing from the novel. Next time you have to read something like that, find a friend who sees the good parts about the book.

9. Keep a schedule

Naja Černe, from NBC’s advice, is to plan it ahead. It can be tiring, so break it up into 50 pages per day so you don’t have to read it the night before. Besides, you can always treat yourself at the end of your daily goal.

10. Make yourself comfortable

Finally, Michelle Versluis told me a very important one: being comfortable is key. Use your favourite chair, your bed, the car, or wherever you feel best to read it more quickly and avoid extra headaches (because I know you already have enough from reading it).

I really hope this helps you finally finish the boring book you’ve had to finish for weeks. I would also like you to always remember, reading is for enjoying, so don’t ever let a boring book make you stop reading. If they let you choose a book for school, DON’T choose the hardest one to get a better note, choose the one you believe will be best for you.


Thank you to the people who collaborated for this post. You can check out their social media here:

Timbre Wolf: IG- https://www.instagram.com/wolf_amongst_books/

Kritika Narula: IG- https://www.instagram.com/kritika.narula/ and Blog: http://kritikabibliophile.blogspot.mx/

Naja Černe: IG- https://www.instagram.com/blissfullifeproject/ and https://blissfullifeproject.wordpress.com/Ú

Michelle Versluis: IG- https://www.instagram.com/abookhoardersobsession/



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