The Gathering of Shadows

By J.D. Netto

“When the stars blood drink. When the moon red turns. When the snow melts away. That’s when Elysium will burn.”


Why hadn’t I read this book before? It literally came out almost a year ago and it had been sitting in my book shelf ever since…until now. This third installment of The Whispers of the Fallen series has been my ultimate favourite so far! Even though it wasn’t as fast-paced as the last two novels, this book had a more developed plot, in which we can dive more into Isaac’s thoughts, we can learn more about each of the character’s personalities, aspirations, and struggles, and we end up discovering many secrets that were hiding in the deepest corners of Elysium.

Unlike the last books, this time, the story wasn’t told from multiple character’s points of view. We were guided by Isaac on his perilous journey back to where it all began: Agalmath. His struggle against darkness kept haunting him, and it was harder for him and his companions to fight back. There were parts in which I could almost swear they would give up, but their courage always helped them face their trials.

We get to see characters such as Xylia, who’s just perfect and a total badass; Demetre, who, in my opinion, is the embodiment of a true friend. He was the one who surprised me the most: even though he’s a character who’s always felt left behind, in this novel we can see how his true abilities reside in his courageous heart, and we can appreciate him more when he accepts to take up a dangerous mission only he can complete. Finally, Arundel, who was so much different than how I expected him to be when he first appeared. While reading Rebellion, he wasn’t my favourite, to be honest. He always seemed as a very stubborn character, and I actually believed he would be a burden to Isaac and Xylia, but in the end, J.D. totally proved me wrong.

Death was also a very likeable character. Yes: Death. He had appeared in the previous novels, but not as in this one. In The Gathering of Shadows, Death played the important part of a guide and ally to our heroes. He did something I found unexpected, which proved Death isn’t as bad as it’s always portrayed. I look forward to reading more about this character.

Finally, J.D. gave closure to this novel with a surprising ending, one that filled me with feelings of hopelessness and betrayal, but at the same time, with excitement for what will come in the next instalments of the series. As soon as I closed this book, I had to pick up my laptop and begin reading Descent because of how intense the ending was.

It’s been a while since I’d read a high fantasy series like this one. With J.D.’s phenomenal way of writing, his awesomely-built world, well-developed characters, he shows us how in the world not everything is what it seems.

Thank you, J.D., once again, for providing me with the copies of your books and letting me be a part of both your journey and our companions’.

I give this book a 4/5

Be sure to check out J.D.’s website:

Also, pre-order his next book Descent, which will come out this Saturday June 3rd! (it is phenomenal)



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