By J.D. Netto

“Other parts of the body can be broken and mended, but the wounded heart can never fully heal. Even eternity isn’t enough time to repair the damage.” – Lucifer


A while ago, I read a very interesting theory about human character. It stated human beings normally possess three different masks: one they show to the world, one their close relatives perceive, and a final one they only see themselves, which ends up being the purest form of their character. In the previous novels, we’d seen the first two faces of the Lord of Darkness. However, the best way to understand his cruel point of view is by getting to know the secrets his final mask holds.

In this novella set in The Whispers of the Fallen universe, we have the privilege of immersing ourselves inside Lucifer’s own thoughts, feelings and concerns. What really took me by surprise while reading it was the fact that Lucifer is not so different from other characters we know: he has humane feelings, struggles, desires, and besides, his actions are well-justified when you see things as he does. Although darkness certainly resides inside his heart, for me, he ended up being one of the most engaging, well-developed, and round characters of the series.

I surely missed many of the main characters I’d grown fond of during the last three books, but I was glad to get to know better some of them such as Xavier and Daedeen, as well as their goals, their true intentions, and the impact they actually have on the story.

What I really enjoyed about Descent were the amount of plot twists it contains. Multiple times, I was surprised by the unexpected secrets J.D. finally revealed during this story, one of them being Nephele’s nature: it was one of the details that intrigues me the most. I’m almost sure everything we read in the novella will set the bases for what is to come further in the series: a darker and more ruthless Elysium our characters must have to face.

One of the things I enjoyed the most were the descriptions. As I’ve mentioned before in previous reviews for this series, the imagery is shocking, however, it doesn’t compare to how vivid it turns during this fourth book. J.D.’s choice of diction creates a certain tone to the novella that ensures the reader in just a very few pages how dark the world really is.

As always, J.D. Netto keeps surprising us readers with fast-paced books that will keep you at the edge of your seat (I finished Descent in almost a day because I couldn’t put it down!), a dark thematic and themes such as betrayal, friendship, hope, passion, and especially, our own struggle against the darkness within us and how if we see things with another’s eyes, we will be able to see how alike we actually are.

I would like to thank J.D. Netto for giving me the opportunity of being a beta reader. Descent is the first ARC I’ve ever read, and it was a whole experience for me.

I give this novella a 4/5 (my favourite so far)

Be sure to check out J.D.’s website:

So, order your copy! It comes out tomorrow!

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