The Erden Archives: The Road To Ruins

By Whisky Wilson

““Give in. You have no chance,” an enigmatic voice whispers on the wind. I almost mistake it for my own consciousness, but the tone is wrong. […]. I shout back, “Never!”” – Whisky Wilson


The Road to Ruins is the second short story in Whisky Wilson’s monthly stories “The Erden Archives”. At first I expected the stories to have a more classical structure, meaning that each of them would be telling us a new chapter from the same story. It turned out I was wrong.

This story starts off with a new mysterious character: Sargaron, who apparently has a dark troubled past that hasn’t been fully revealed yet. The story starts with him being in the abandoned and destroyed area of the city, which they call “Paradise”. I won’t say much of what happens here, because it’s crucial to the story, but it’s very interesting and has details about the world of Ender.

Once again, Whisky impressed me with the way he successfully merged both science fiction and fantasy. In this story, he introduces dark magic, enchantments, and demons, but once again he also talks about the corporation’s control over the population. One of the other things I like about this author is his diction: it is clear and punctual, and his descriptions are enough to create a clear image of what he’s trying to express.

This story is somewhat confusing at first, many new concepts were introduced and multiple questions arose. Even the ending was unexpected, but I believe it will lead us to another chapter in Sargaron’s story. However, as the author told me, we will have to pay attention to Jessica’s point of view (the protagonist of the first story), for she is the one who has the answers to all of our questions.

So, if you’re looking for a fast-paced collection of intriguing short stories with a thematic and way of writing you’ve never read before, I highly recommend The Erden Archives to you. But make sure you pay attention to the code!

I give this story an 3/5.

You can get it on Amazon now! And make sure to check out Whisky’s page:


Thank you for reading!


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