The Erden Archives: Music of the Masters

By Whisky Wilson

“We all long to belong.” – Whisky Wilson.


I’ve always been immersed in the world of books, but for the first time in my life I have been personally asked by an author to be one of the fortunate ones to read his work before anyone else, in exchange of giving him my honest opinion about it; I’m truly grateful that he gave me this opportunity.

I came across the world of Erden about three months ago while I was away on holidays. From the first time I read it I could describe it with one word: innovative. I liked it very much because the author didn’t use a clichéd formula. The original world Whisky Wilson is creating perfectly blends both fantasy and science fiction; a world where both the readers and the characters must decipher a code hidden between the pages of the book!

There were many elements the author emphasised on that caught my attention: the people of Erden’s addiction to technology, discrimination between social classes, government control, the need of people to commit crime to accomplish goals and manipulation. For me, these themes were important to give shape to the story, not only because they made it more realistic, but also because they served as a metaphor to what we are living in today’s society.

The first story, “Music of the Masters” talks about one of the main characters in Whisky’s stories: Jessica. She is a very relatable character, due to the fact that although she lives in a futuristic city she still thinks as someone from our times. She is a thoughtful, educated and observant character who lives in her own world of books and the past. She spends her time in a pub called “Foster Arms” where she can forget the present and visit the past whenever she wants to. I could learn more about Erden when she told the story than when any other of the characters did.

He also wrote the story from another character’s point of view: Dickey. With him, we could explore the lives of those who were part of the lower social classes: Peds and Locks. His personality was kind of weird, at first I didn’t like him at all, but after reading things from his perspective I could understand the reasons of his actions. Besides, the ending of his part of the story is highly intriguing and unexpected.

It is a fast-paced, surprising and entertaining story with lots of potential that will take you to a brand new world you won’t be able to compare to anything else you’ve read. The story is written in a very clear way and you will be hooked as soon as you start reading it.

Overall, I give this story a  4/5.

And guess what? It is available now on Amazon or iTunes! So go get your digital copy as soon as you can!

Be sure to check out Whisky’s page:

Thank you for reading!

“Puppets dance to the master’s music” – Whisky Wilson, (2016).


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